We are always looking to build new relationships with local businesses, subcontractors, and vendors within the communities we work. We have developed a Working with Us program and online registration portal for all subcontractors and vendors with whom we are presently working with or plan to do business with in the future.

The primary focus of the Working with Us program is to establish lasting relationships and partnerships with businesses at both the local and national levels in order to better serve our clients and our local communities. The Working with Us online registration portal provides a fast and easy way for companies to register and become business partners, subcontractors, or vendors with our Company. Businesses interested in working with us have the option to either complete the online registration form, the online Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, and the online Form W-9, or print and complete the forms and return them via email (vendorregistration@jaycashman.com) fax (617.890.0606 ) or postal service (Subcontractor Registration, Jay Cashman, Inc., 549 South Street, Quincy, MA, 02169).

Cashman is committed to exemplary business practices, operating in good faith with all of our business associates. We conduct all business, locally and internationally, in strict accordance with all domestic and international laws, rules, and regulations. We strive to treat all clients, business partners, subcontractors and vendors in a fair, ethical and non-discriminatory manner and to meet and exceed all quality and service expectations.

We encourage you to introduce your company to us, and we look forward to working with you in the near future.

For additional information about our Working with Us program, please email: vendorregistration@jaycashman.com.

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Cashman Small and Diverse Business Program

As part of our Working with Us initiative, we have established the Cashman Small and Diverse Business Program, which actively seeks solicitations from qualified small and diverse businesses. The US Small Business Administration defines a "small business" in terms of the number of employees over the past year, or average annual receipts over the past three years. Size standards vary by your industries NAICS Code.

We take pride in our ongoing effort to expand our network of business partners and our commitment to support the efforts of federal, state, and local governments to promote business opportunities for qualified small and diverse businesses. Our outreach efforts include issuing targeted pre-qualification requests via email to our existing subcontractors and vendors and reaching out to potential subcontractors or vendors whom we have identified through federal and state small business websites such as, SAM (System for Award Management) and Dynamic Small Business Search portals.

If you would like to participate in our small and diverse business program, please complete the registration form in the link below and your company will be automatically entered into our database. Please be sure to provide your contact information so that we can reach out to your company to discuss working together on our next project. If you would like additional information about our Small Business Program, please email: vendorregistration@jaycashman.com.

Click here for Subcontractor & Vendor Registration

The SBA provides an online tool that will assist you in determining if your business qualifies as a "small business" under Small Business Administration (SBA) size standards. We recommend that you visit: https://www.sba.gov/tools/size-standards-tool or https://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/files/Size_Standards_Table.pdf

If your company meets the federal guidelines as a small business, we encourage you to complete the federal government's small and diverse business self-certification registration with the System for Award Management (SAM).

This very simple registration process will only take you a few minutes to complete online. The steps to the self-certification are as follows:

  1. Visit the SAM website: https://www.sam.gov/portal/
  2. Create a user account by clicking on "Create an Account", then on "Create Individual Account".
  3. Click "Next" to review the data that you have provided and then click "Submit".
  4. You will receive a registration confirmation email from SAM.gov with a link to confirm your account. Click the link provided to complete your account creation process.
  5. Return to SAM.gov, and enter your username and password and click "Login".
  6. From the "My SAM" page, click "Register/Update Entity" in the navigation panel and click "Register New Entity".

For additional instructions to "Register a New Entity", click on the link below and refer to page 49 of the user guide.

For additional information about the federal government's System for Award management, please visit https://www.sam.gov/sam/transcript/System_for_Award_Managementv4.0.pdf