Cashman Dredging, a division of Jay Cashman, Inc., is one of the largest and most experienced dredging companies in the United States. We pride ourselves on taking a solution based approach to all projects, whether large or small. Our track record of professionalism, quality and an unwavering commitment safety has allowed us to perform on some of the most challenging dredging projects in U.S. History. We specialize in navigation dredging, environmental remediation, beach renourishment, lake and pond dredging, and industrial dredging.

Whatever the scope of the project, Cashman Dredging possesses the manpower, state-of-the-art equipment, experience and commitment to safety necessary to efficiently and cost-effectively handle dredging projects of all sizes. Our expansive dredging portfolio includes varied projects such as remediating PCB's in the Hudson River to deepening shipping berths and clearing international shipping lanes for the Army Corps of Engineers. Our team analyzes each client’s individual needs to determine the best approach to provide a completed dredging project that exceeds expectations.